How To Roleplay Tips: Sollux Captor

      This HTR Session is for Sollux Captor of the Homestuck series placed in the MSPA multiverse. This will cover the usual mistakes people pull when they’re attempting to roleplay the character, and how to avoid or correct them.

      Please remember to read the disclaimer at the end before complaining! As I always say, learn the rules, know the spirit of the rules, and then you can break them knowing what you do. Anything can be done with enough backstory, reasoning, and theory, and sometimes this is where the best RPs come from.


Sollux Captor from Homestuck
Basic character information can be found here.

       Alright so, you want to play Sollux Captor huh? I’ve got just the code to write this for me, and when it’s done it’ll have some of the more common mistakes I see done with this character, plus a run down on his personality as directly noted from his logs and panels. About to flip off the handle with information here 2eriiou2ly.

Last updated 1/29/14 1:43pm.

       So, just a handful of things to think about here. A big thing about Sollux is his Bipolar disorder. It’s part of him so innately that it has changed his entire way of life. A lot of people ignore this about him though except for puns and quirks.

      Another problem I see pretty often, is his ehehehehe laugh. He says ehehehehe, starting with an e, unless he’s already blind/half-blind which is when he starts using h’s first/last. This is not true anymore? It was when I made this post, but the pages have been edited. Sorry about the mistake.

      He’s also basically a socially inept douche, and pretty dominant in personality. He isn’t afraid to speak his mind, like when he spoke up and stopped Aradia from ranting about death. Even Karkat tends to act like he’s a more mature type, asking him to let him be a leader, and if he thought they were still friends. Sollux has a lot of power because he garners respect for being blunt.

      One more thing, is remember his nicknames for people. They aren’t the same as what other people do. This bit is just some quick review over small things you might be doing wrong.

       Okay so, quirkwise he changes depending on whether he’s normal, blind, or half blind. Let’s go in timeline order, and start off with his usual “normal” quirks and then keep going after that. It’s a hell of a doozy of a quirk in any case because it changes so much.

      Normally, all his s’s are 2’s, and he doubles his i’s. He only uses capitalization for emphasis, and he ends his sentences with normal punctuation. Any “two” sounds, (too/to/tu) are replaced with the word two.

TA: iif ii 2ee one more 2narl of wiire2.
TA: kiind of juttiing out and beiing tangled or whatever.
TA: ii am goiing two perform 2ome 2ort of athletiic fuckiing 2omer2ault off the deep end and get a call from the pre2iident or 2ome 2hiit.

        According to this quote (among others), he tends to talk a lot like Dave even using similar quotes slightly modified to fit his species/traits. He does roleplay, and he shows action lines by using a / at the beginning of a descriptive line. These quirks are always true for his normal mode.

        Now for the second part; which changes depending on his mood. He’ll flip back and forth between these things several times a conversation. He always refers to people as a nickname, and when he’s in a good mood, they get capitalized. Other good mood traits are use of apostrophes, and his sentences being broken up into fragments of thought. He’ll post a handful of sentence fragments, ending each in a period.

       When he’s in a bad mood, he’ll use a full name to reprimand people and when he’s serious, and refuses to capitalize things. He doesn’t use apostrophes, and tends to have much longer sentences with a more aggressive tone. He also has a habit of terrible Sunglasses-on-YEEEAAAH CSI type jokes, which occasionally don’t even make sense (which is apparently the joke). While dating Feferi, he starts in with using the word “glub” as a replacement for fuck.

        When he goes blind, he stops using 2’s and ii’s. Instead he starts using 0’s instead of o’s. He uses 0_0 faces, but thinks 0u0 is stupid. He retains his commas, end punctuation, and apostrophes. However names are now forever lower cased. He occasionally misspells things with a habitual correction to the lisp. “Lips” becomes “lisp” “tips” becomes “tisps”. He usually corrects himself for it and then repeats the word correctly a few times giggling while he enjoys the lack of lisp. His laugh becomes “heheheheheh” starting and ending with h instead of e. He drops the use of “glub” because well, Feferi is dead, and he’s okay with that. He also decides “t0 retire the wh0le bifurcati0n gimmick, puns and all.” because of the lack of two eye colors.

        When he regains half of his sight, every other o becomes an 0, continuing from the last line. He started off this new quirk-style with a 0, for a bit of useless trivia you might use. Luckily, everything else same as when he was blind.

        Here’s his nicknames for people for easy reference: AA (Aradia), FF (Feferi), EQ (Equius), KK (Karkat), GZ (Gamzee), TZ (Terezi), GA (Kanaya). He never talked to Tavros, Vriska, or Nepeta. I’d assume AT, AG, and NP will suffice, because it follows his usual pattern. Either first letter, and another letter mid-name that makes an “ee” noise, or their Trollian tag. Eridan’s ED name was never seen in comic since he never spoke to him in a good mood, but is a logical deduction considering it also follows the pattern.

      So, now for the little facts of life about Sollux and his personality which will help you emulate him in your roleplaying.

      First off, something everyone knows, he’s very good at coding. This is a huge point of pride for him and he says he knows “all the codes, all of them”. At the same time however, he beats himself up about not knowing enough, and about his coding never being the best quality he could do. Even though he’s the best any of the trolls know. He seems to use this coding to make a ton of home-made viruses which he deleted dusted after blowing up Karkat’s hive. He is flatly the best at Apiculture networking. Apiculture has giant bee combs which has bees working as a “brain” for the structure. They can speak beenary code by flying in pairs at him. He might control them telepathically, able to put them to sleep with a snap of his claws or it could be programmed. They produce Mind Honey, which he feeds to his lusus to make more intelligent. When he eats it, it causes an overload of his brain, and tons of explosive energy to come from his eyes.

       Personality-wise he’s very self hating. He tends to really be down on himself most of the time, and avoids the subject with others. When brought up, sometimes when he’s being whiny, he’ll just beat himself up about it. He’s even engaged in a fight with Karkat over which one hated themselves and each other the most. Following with his complete bipolarism, he also hates being insulted and will throw a fit at anyone who calls him anything less than the best, trying to show off. This often leads him into trouble, such as sending nasty viruses to people and getting into certain duels.

     He has amazingly bad moodswings, which we can blame his mutant brain for. Said brain is bifurcated, causing him to use a dual gimmick “both in logic and in life”. He complains regularly, although not constantly, about the massive headaches he gets from the psychic screams of those about to die. He mentions that they are indecipherable, indiscriminate, and that they all talk at once. He loses these voices when he loses his sight, and is pretty thankful for it. Karkat’s mentioned worries about Sollux scanning his brain with his weird mutant powers, which Sollux complains that he’s told him tons of times he simply cannot do. His powers seem strictly telekinesis or possibly burning/electric, aside from his hive control which might simply be programmed. Sollux’s brain literally hurts enough from all this mess that he’s accused of being a masochist. He’s also accused of being sad and angry all the time, because his sense of humor tends to be wry and dark.

      Sollux is also a gamer, a very devoted one from the number of game grubs around his hive, and has all the newest games (no type or genre defined). He grows these himself, as is usual among trolls. (Tavros at one point grew his own grubs for FLARPing.) Sometimes he apparently steps on them, but he suggests he can always grow or pirate new ones, so he’s pretty good with computers. He also was the one to take the coding found in the old ruins and make SGRUB for everyone, so he’s likely the type to know his games inside and out and fill them with mods.

     Another personality trait, Sollux is pretty sensitive about relationships and privacy. He gets sharp toned, and instantly devolves into his bad mood typing when he’s fought on the subject. This annoys Karkat, because he refuses to discuss private conversations with Aradia. His feelings probably stem from his hacker lifestyle, since he knows how to dig up dirt on others he also is hyper-defensive about those who pry into his life. It’s a psychological habit actually, thieves are the best at security, cheaters always think their wives/husbands are cheating on them, and hackers are hardcore about their privacy. Sollux also tends to be melodramatic about things anyways, until his real moments of anguish are ignored the grub-who-cried-wolf-lusii style. So that’ll keep him being loudly defensive about things long after he doesn’t have to be.

      Occasionally Sollux pretends he’s awesome and wonderful, something Karkat sees right through. He tends to do this either on an upswing of mood, or when he’s trying to defend himself from insults. He’s also a pretty sarcastic ass, and socially pretty bad at dealing with people. Let’s review some of his delightful sarcasm…

TA: yeah ii am 2uch an iidiiot for not rewardiing your bubbly per2onaliity and iimpeccable people 2kiill2 wiith a leader2hiip giig.
TA: what an iincon2iiderate knuckle2ponged a22hole ii have been.

      Despite having lived in a communal hivestem most of his life, he seems to have just stayed in his own hive except to feed his lusus. So there’s some moments where he just seems completely inept at dealing with people, which he corrects late with a book-smart knowledge of emotions and reactions. The social ineptitude includes his short temper, his general assumption that everyone should be as smart as him about computers or they’re just completely stupid, his blunt tactless way of explaining things, his excessive sarcasm, and his general distaste for social situations (such as refusing to interact with the humans at all). Not to mention this little gem which probably fed into his fandom image of a pervert:

TA: man, being blind is dumb, can i like gr0pe y0u 0r s0mething t0 get up t0 date 0n y0ur appearance, w0uld that be weird?
AA: yes sollux that would probably be pretty weird

      When worried, he tends to approach people with everything in one big dump of information right off. He gets everything off his chest like he’s scared someone will interrupt him before he finishes, or he might lose his nerve. He’s probably not really scared of it, he’d just be about average on something like this. Everyone has trouble explaining something you think is going to be met badly to someone else. In fact, his willingness to do it himself says he’s probably pretty brave or stupid about it. He mentions at one point that he’s annoyed by Gamzee’s Miracle stuff, just in general, to the point of joking that he’d kick Karkat out of the game if he was doing the miracle thing now too. He proceeds to make fun of it with him at length. He mentions making fun of people’s religions to be hilarious as a past time, another show of social ineptitude or his bluntness.

       After a fight or a particularly mean moment he tends to ask people if they’re still friends, possibly a habit he picked up from Karkat who “literally asks him every time” they fight about something if they’re still friends and regularly cancels their friendship. It seems to let Sollux break the ice after a nasty remark or three might have hurt someone and he finally notices what he’s done. He teases others by imitating their font, even using Terezi’s prophet numbers when telling her their new rivalry was in motion.

       When his comments or intentions are ignored, Sollux tends to get really angry and starts in with a slew of insults. Ranging from “nub2lurping fuckpod” to “d0uchebag” and on to “grubfucker” he pretty much has fun with it when he’s raging at someone. His insults can get as creative as Karkat’s, and even stop making sense occasionally. When he’s really grumpy or feels like he’s been mortally wronged, he’ll sulk saying only one or two words about anything, and generally avoiding talking at all until he feels better.

        He seems to like explaining things to people, regularly sitting down to expound upon subjects. If he’s anything like other Gemini’s, and following what we know, being able to show off his knowledge probably makes him feel really good about himself. He tends to add extra information when a few words would suffice. Like explaining why he believes he has to go blind at some point:

TA: fulfiilliing 2ome requiirement for a true prophet of doom.
TA: iin order for the vii2iion2 two be riight, that ha2 two happen, and the uniiver2e wiill make 2ure iit wiill.
TA: iit2 kiind of liike how a prophet earn2 hii2 2triipe2, by beiing bliind, liike how an angel earn2 iit2 wiing2.

       While we’re quoting, we can see how he regards/understand the hierarchy of the hemospectrum in this one:

TA: liike 2ome low cla22 guy wiith… whatever color blood ii2 lower on the hiierarchy than miine.
TA: what2 wor2e than yellow?
TA: fuck thii2 confu2iing ca2te 2y2tem.

        By which I mean not at all; he’s completely lost on it. He doesn’t seem to give two fucks about blood at all, and generally just doesn’t think about it until he’s in mid rant. Then he fumbles the ball and gives up because it’s frustrating and if anything frustrates Sollux it either gets yelled at, insulted, or ignored.

        Some extra notes for when he’s blind: He’s completely okay with it. He likes that the voices are gone, and is more even tempered and rational. He’s a little lost, but he fumbles along and generally ignores his new disability with pretty fair grace. The lack of teeth mean his lisp is gone, so he’s very normal sounding, and kind of “dazed” sounding a lot. He never really gets pissy and loud and sarcastic while simply blind. He just goes along with everything, and the worst grumpiness he gets is calling things stupid when he doesn’t get them. He also ended up making friends with Jade by calling Karkat a “d0uche”.

        When he becomes half-blind, he appears to start seeing everything (specifically lights) in 2D. His foul temper returns, although his bipolar statements have slowed and stopped. He’s pretty harsh with people, like Aradia, but as always still paces himself on correcting himself like it’s nothing big, and apologizes without ever directly apologizing. He’s pretty prideful, so apologizing outright or too quickly might seem like a sticking point to him. Especially when it’s over simple blunt truth.


The I’m-a-Human-with-Opinions Disclaimer:
      This isn’t an end all be all of all roleplaying to be done with this character. It’s just a cheerful little guide to help you cover some of the more common issues roleplayers come across while roleplaying them! As a rule, any relationship is viable with enough research, roleplay, and history between the characters, so they won’t really be covered here in depth. I really don’t want to headcanon too much at people, but it unavoidable due to the content. If you disagree with anything here, congratulations, I honestly don’t care. If it really bugs you, it’s because you recognize it as something you know you should do and don’t, and I’m just “calling you out” and you feel challenged. Calm down, and continue as you are. No one will complain, unless they do, then you probably really shouldn’t do it.

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